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Why Simply Stated Workbooks?


Driven by a profound passion for empowering individuals to take charge of their lives, Priscilla established Simply Stated Workbooks. With over two decades of experience in the Insurance and financial industry, she understands the complexities involved in making important life decisions. Having co-founded Simply Stated Retirement Solutions andĀ founder ofĀ Medicare In A Box, Priscilla recognized the need for clear guidance amidst confusion.

Through her workbooks, she aims to offer a solid starting point for individuals and families seeking clarity and direction for their futures. These resources are crafted with user-friendly formats and insightful content to simplify life planning processes effectively.

A little about PriscillaĀ 


Priscilla Johnson, a retirement planner and Medicare specialist, is the brains behind Medicare In A Box and a Co-Founder of Simply Stated Retirement Solutions. In 2008, she entered the industry and quickly noticed a common flaw: financial professionals often speak in confusing jargon instead of providing clear answers to clients' pressing questions. Priscilla's strength lies in simplifying complex topics into practical advice, distinguishing her from her peers. This approach led to the creation of Simply Stated workbooks, designed to educate on life stage planning.

Originally from San Antonio, Priscilla has called South Carolina home for many years. A former member of the United States Marine Corps, she met her husband Jay over two decades ago while both were stationed in California. They have two children and share a love for mountain biking, hiking, and international travel as a family pastime.

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